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don’t get me wrong, i LOVE Autumn and Winter but i’ve suddenly gotten a bit nostalgic for the spring. all these pictures were taken in April and everything was budding and all the flowers were blooming and my favorite, the magnolia trees, were in full force. Spring is so full of life, and as soon as all the leaves have fallen to the ground and turned brown and dead and get swept away in the wind, everything looks so dead and gray and it stays like that until it snows. the snow is gorgeous until you realize that you have to shovel it away to get on with your life and then it turns black and brown and become disgusting and dark. Spring brings such life, it brought me life, i was born in May, so i suppose i’ve always been a bit bias when i say that Spring is my favorite season. I’m excited for Autumn to really kick in and then for Winter to come and all the delicate beauty they both bring but i won’t lie, right now, looking at these pictures, I’m getting a bit antsy for life to begin again. 

all credit goes to, of course, himynameisnotjoby

also, check out his and Susan’s flickr :)

:) Spring’s nice, but I’m completely ready for Fall. Best season.

I like summer and autumn… I like Summer and Autumn for names too. :D